Ultra Sleep

Ultra Sleep


  • Hybrid version in PU foam
  • Vacuumed foam (Foam is compressed with more than 4000 kgs of weight on it, thus proves the purity and quality of foam)
  • Its resilience and tensile strength helps to maintain its bouncing nature and does not allow tearing on stretching.
  • Its strength and resilience is perfectly made for quality lovers
  • Feel and texture is completely different from Regular HD/HR foam

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Mattresses and sofas

When it comes to offering a refreshing sleeping experience, look no further. With its unmatchable resilience, tensile strength and vacuumed foam characteristics, this product is the ultimate winner for mattresses and sofas. Find out more to know why you should order it right away.

Ultra Sleep

Ultra Sleep

Available In

Density Guarantee Color
24 kg/m3 8 years FL Blue
32 kg/m3 15 years White
40 kg/m3 20 years Baby Pink


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